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About ASEAN Business Partners

About ASEAN Business PartnersASEAN Business Partners will assist you when achieving your business goals in ASEAN. We offer no off-the-shelf solutions. Rather, we see ourselves as your “sparring partners” in all phases of your ASEAN project: From your first ASEAN market and risk analysis, through the financing of your project, the identification of public funding to the successful implementation of your business plan on the ground. We not only assist you with compliance for all local legal requirements, but help you identify and evaluate the ASEAN-specific risks for your business. We also provide legal advice (where legally required, through our local cooperation partners). Our real added-value lies firstly in drafting business plans and strategies for you, assessing business risks in ASEAN and identifying and screening potential business partners for you. Secondly, areas like compliance, governance, CSR have long been neglected, but have increasingly more importance for your ASEAN venture to succeed. Finally, we firmly believe that meeting in ASEAN courts is rarely beneficial for all parties involved. Therefore, we will professionally conduct negotiations for you, and engage in other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services on your behalf.

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