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Business Development & Strategy

Services - Business DevelopmentBusiness development:
Are you ready for ASEAN? Before entering the ASEAN markets, European companies, especially SMEs, are often faced with the question of whether their home-proven business can be readily transferred to the ASEAN countries. In light of different customer requirements, changes in the legal framework and new technologies, a professional “business development” is required to ensure your company’s successful access into the ASEAN countries. We develop with you a comprehensive business strategy for ASEAN, usually in a document that clearly articulates the direction your business will pursue in ASEAN and the steps it will take to achieve its goals. Based on this strategy, we will draft for you the business plan, usually beginning with a concise vision and specific mission statement for ASEAN. Such mission statement then leads to the specific goals your business will achieve to accomplish its mission and that in turn leads to strategy to achieve those goals.

Business strategy:
Typically, we will develop your business strategy in two steps: analysis and implementation. In the analysis step of business strategy development, we will analyze for you your company’s potential market and resources, its obstacles to success and specific advantages. The goal of our strategic analysis is to identify what your business wants to accomplish, the strengths it can bring to accomplishing the goals, and weaknesses that need to be addressed prior to integration and implementation. Strategic assessment methodologies may include evaluating the business environment, comparing various competitive scenarios, determining what market forces are at work and rating competitors, among others. Based on the analysis, we will then systematically implement your ASEAN strategy with you.

Corporate communications:
You would like to communicate efficiently with your investors and stakeholders? In ASEAN, your public appearance and your support from decision makers and stakeholders are indispensable for your business success. Your stakeholders include your local employees, suppliers, customers, business partners and investors, as well as the local community, government agencies and regulators. We will assist you in drafting a communication plan that focusses on the stakeholders who have the greatest influence on your success. ASEAN Business Partners will ensure your effective communication with the mass media, all relevant stakeholders and decision-makers: We will draft professional press releases, prepare interviews with journalists and meetings with stakeholders to ensure that those interest groups understand your point of view.

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