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Business Partner Search & Screening

Business partner search:
Business Partner SearchYou are looking for suitable business partners in ASEAN? The identification of suitable business and sales partners in ASEAN can often be difficult and tedious: Good potential business partners and sales agents are often at full capacity and have already found their foreign business partners. The frequent search without competent help often involves great risks, particularly for SMEs, of not only losing precious time but also a lot of money. In our experience, one can only identify the right partners with extensive local experience and knowledge of local business customs. Further and especially in ASEAN, personal relationships are often more important than in Europe. The building of trust and sustainability among business contacts are key aspects of successful cooperations between ASEAN and European companies. This time consuming relationship building often leads to European companies giving up the search for a suitable business and sales partner too easily. We will use our extensive experience and our cultural knowledge to find you the right distribution partner and to start cooperation quickly. We will accompany you from the identification and initial discussions with your business / distribution partner through to your business success.

Business partner screening:
You want to check the integrity of your business partners in ASEAN thoroughly? Small and medium-sized companies often still have no structured process for review of suppliers, service and sales intermediaries in place. We will check the integrity of your (potential) business partners for you in a three-step process: In the first step, we will determine the potential risk of cooperation. This assessment depends on various factors such as type of work, contract value or location of the activity. Here we will distinguish for you the “easy” from the problematic cases – e.g. the proposed procurement of office supplies is generally to be assessed differently than the hiring of an unknown local agent or broker with regards to potential orders of the Vietnamese government. In the second step, we will collect as much background information as possible on the envisaged business partner. We will use any information that can help in the assessment of the business partner – general corporate data, reports on the reputation or violations of the law in the past, or information about personal relationships to government officials. Sources of relevant information include databases, credit reports and other information from public records, in addition to the simple Internet search. However, we do not rely on sometimes inconsistent public resources but thoroughly combine any publicly available information with comprehensive interviews of local businessmen and the potential business partner itself for our assessment, as well as using other available local and international resources. In the third step, we carefully call on the potential business partner to provide a self-assessment. Then the information so collected will be evaluated by us for your final decision on cooperation with the envisaged business partner.

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