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Market Access

Market analysis and research:
Market AccessWould you like a comprehensive risk analysis of the ASEAN markets? We will conduct tailor- made market and comparative ASEAN/AEC 2015 market studies and SWOT analysis of multiple or selected ASEAN states for your potential project in ASEAN. To allow your business to take advantage of ASEAN synergies, we will also advise you in the complex area of ASEAN tariffs, standards and customs, as well as in the increasingly important area of WTO-regulations, free trade agreements and other international treaties that could benefit your business endeavor in ASEAN.

Identifying investment opportunities:
You want to invest or venture into new ASEAN markets? We help you select the ASEAN market that is best suited for your business, and we develop with you a strategy to grow your business in ASEAN. We will identify for you – with the help of our local network – investment opportunities in ASEAN, and implement your investment project. Beyond this, we serve as your partner in all phases of the development of your business, from the very initial steps of establishing contacts in the context of market research up to the full implementation. We help you to employ the right local staff for your business on the ground in ASEAN.

Identifying financing and funding opportunities:
You want to identify financing opportunities for your project in ASEAN? As projects in ASEAN are subject to a number of technical, economic and political risks, we help you structure the financing of your project. We will identify for you financing opportunities and help you implement your chosen financing solutions on the ground. Note that many investors do not realize that extensive financial state funding opportunities are – fully or partly – available in Germany and the European Union (EU). ASEAN Business Partners can help you identifying appropriate programs and assist you with their successful implementation (from application to disbursement).

Corporate services:
You need support services and protect your (intellectual) property rights in the ASEAN markets? We assist you enter your chosen ASEAN market by setting-up your subsidiary, branch or representative office, and helping you in all other licensing questions. We will also act as your interim managing director or chief representative for you, in case you have not yet selected that person. We will finally help you draft and review contracts and agreements, and/or adapt your existing company documentation to your chosen ASEAN market. We will finally assist you registering and protecting your assets and property rights by legal and factual measures.

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