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Project Implementation & Review

Project implementation:
Project ImplementationAfter your final decision for an engagement in the ASEAN markets, it is crucial to translate the results of your business planning into professional, successful and sustainable action: An appropriate business location must be found, business partners have to be selected and screened, reliable staff has to be hired and efficient distribution channels have to be established. A lot of practical difficulties and obstacles may occur in the implementation phase. Therefore, it is important to deal with any upcoming difficulties in both a pragmatic and professional manner.

Project review:
A continuous project review ensures the implementation of your project in time and budget. ASEAN Business Partners supports you in all project phases, from implementation to monitoring, with tight control of project expenditure, resource use, implementation of activities, delivery of results as well as continuous risk management. Our on-going project monitoring is eventually complemented by a final audit, and potentially expansion and/or revision of project activities.

Project liquidation:
Experience shows that sometimes – be it from lack of preparation or due to rogue employees and business partners – an investment in ASEAN can threaten to become a failure. In that case, it is important to act quickly. We will help intervene, so your company can return to the path of success. If needed, we will also help you withdraw from the project, hold the responsible business partners accountable, and recover your assets.

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